Nugget is a creeper pig. Case in point: This past Saturday morning I went outside to see what the little piggle was up to. I looked to the left towards the deck – no Nugget to be found. I look to the right towards the lawn, and this is what I see:

Creeper pig.

We must have stared at each other for five minutes, and who knows how long she was staring at me before I saw her. She didn’t flinch the whole time, even when I moved to take the picture.

Pigs have a great sense of smell and hearing, but eyesight unfortunately isn’t a strength, so I’m fairly certain that the whole time she stared me down, she was wondering who/what I was. The moment I said her name though, she came running (I want to say this was because she loves me, but I’m pretty sure it was because she thought I had food). This isn’t this first time she has creeped, and it certainly won’t be the last. She’ll be a creeper pig until the end. 🙂