Sorry I’ve been gone for so long – things have definitely been busy. Went to Mexico, lots of holidays and birthdays, my good friend got married, it’s concert season, etc. Of course, I have also devoted a lot of time to my porker, the Nuggster. We have massive couch cuddles pretty much every day, as well as the occasional hissy fit. Okay okay, daily hissy fits. I’ll break her of her bad habits some day… My boyfriend sent me this picture of Nugget today – he takes a lot of them when he hangs out with her in the morning. Now he only needs to send me them! I present to you . . . FULL FRONTAL NUGGAGE! (By the way, the title of his email was “Ew,” and I think I’ll have to agree with him a little on this one. I assure you all though, in most pics, my Nugg is adorbs.)