This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to write/keep up with a blog. I’m pretty sure I had one way back in high school. I started one when I was traveling in Europe a few years ago – I think my last post was about drunk naked Scottish-men (don’t worry, it was very PG on my end). I have written in numerous journals throughout various points in my life, and have kept only one of them for the sheer fact that it’s hilarious (all the others were so embarrassing that it would have been a liability on my post pre-teen life to hold onto them). Anyways, the fact is, I haven’t been very good at keeping up with this sort of thing in the past. But I promise to do my best here!

The thing is, I’ve come to realize that my life is, overall, kinda interesting. My family is such a hodge-podge of interesting characters (think East Coast meets West Coast meets the South meets Mexico), my friends are completely uninhibited (at least around me, and I will definitely take advantage of them here – maybe I’ll use code names like I did in that journal I kept…), my boyfriend is this rare combination of creative genius and 5-year-old potty humor expert, and on a whole I’m pretty weird myself. Who wouldn’t want to read about all the exciting things that happen to me and the people around me? Oh, and I guess I forgot to mention this, but I do have a pet pig, Nugget, who colors my life (and everyone else’s for that matter) in so many, many, many, manymanymany ways. What color, you might ask? You’ll have to read to find out.  🙂

I have stuff planned to write about. I have pictures, I have stories, I have memories. I have a vision for my blog – I’m past the first hurdle of actually creating it. Now I just have to keep pushing this rock until it starts rolling. Stay tuned!